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REDBOOKS - The Leading Agency and Advertising Database

The Smarter Way to Prospect, Engage,
and Close New Business

Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Competitive Intelligence


In-Depth Industry Profiles

In-Depth Industry Profiles

Growing new business strategies starts with a comprehensive understanding of your prospects. REDBOOKS offers a 360° view of 10,000+ Agencies and 100,000+ Brands, tracking their relationships, media spend, account activity and more.

Targeted Leads

Targeted Leads

REDBOOKS comprises in-depth info on 250,000+ key decision makers with verified titles, emails and social profiles, empowering your sales team to target more of the right people.

Personalized Outreach

Personalized Outreach

Get an edge on the competition with personalized and targeted messages, rather than relying on cold email marketing. We push real-time, relevant news alerts from over 500,000+ sources on the leads you're tracking.

Team up with REDBOOKS

Team up with REDBOOKS

We'll have your back on every quota you need to meet. Our highly trained Client Success Team will seamlessly integrate your team's workflow with our technologies, develop custom leads lists, create targeted research reports and integrate with Salesforce.

CRMs organize the sales process;
we accelerate it.

REDBOOKS guides you and your team through your sales funnel, making prospecting and cultivating relationships smarter.

  • Build prospecting lists to fit your new business strategy
  • Find lookalike targets to expand your customer base
  • Personalize your messaging with custom people news feeds
  • Prioritize your sales outreach with real-time CRM email alerts
  • Conduct market research for strategy, planning and sales execution
Elite Customer Service

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Media & Publishers

Ad Sales Teams focused on acquiring key accounts use REDBOOKS to conduct outreach and connect 1:1 with digital and marketing executives. With a wealth of information on brands and agencies, we give you the data you need to negotiate partnerships that support both your clients and your media activity.


New Business Development and Research Teams trust REDBOOKS to unravel this complicated industry. For 100 years, REDBOOKS has been the gold standard of advertising registers. Our cutting-edge platform offers the contacts you need, when marketers are looking for new opportunities, with the added benefit of a real-time industry landscape to give you a competitive edge.

Tech & Web Companies

Equipping your Sales Team with REDBOOKS accelerates AEs' and SDRs' efforts to reach and convert new customers. New SaaS startups to F500 companies alike uncover new opportunities, conduct market research and hit their quotas.

Service Providers

Discover new prospects across all industries with REDBOOKS tools that fit directly into your workflow. Use our platform to execute your new business strategy, to develop new partnerships, to conduct market research, and even to execute career searches. Businesses across the industry build, prospect and strategize on our platform.