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Lou Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer

November 29, 2018

Lou Weiss

Shutterstock's 2019 Color Trends Identifies Fastest Growing Colors in Popularity Around the World

..... Plastic Pink- #ff1493: a sizzling pink with lots of depth, that captures the electric glow of cities at night."Whether it's conscious or not, the colors we choose to represent any given occasion reflect more than just current trends in fashion or design – they have a larger cultural significance," said Lou Weiss, CMO of Shutterstock. "If we look to the ideas influencing culture today, technology stands at the forefront. .....

November 16, 2018

Lou Weiss

ASA gender stereotyping ban: Marketers embracing more diversity in images

..... Generation Z and Millennial marketers had used more images featuring diverse models within the last year as compared to Generation X and Baby Boomer marketers. In the last 12 months, Marketers started to use images featuring more: • Racially diverse models – 35%* Generation Z and 37%* Millennials vs. 27% Generation X and 16% Baby Boomers • Same sex couples – 26%* Generation Z and 27%* Millennials vs. 18% Generation X and 12% Baby Boomers • Transgender models – 19%* Generation Z and 21%* Millennials vs. 11% Generation X and 6% Baby Boomers • People with disabilities – 27%* Generation Z and 25%* Millennials vs. 17% Generation X and 12% Baby Boomers • Gender-fluid, non-binary or androgynous models – 16%* Generation Z and 19%* Millennials vs. 11% Generation X and 5% Baby Boomers “The research shows that while Generation X understands the value of featuring diverse people in their campaigns, they are less likely to follow through on this compared to Generation Z and Millennial marketers,” said Lou Weiss, Shutterstock’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This year’s research illustrates not only the stark generational differences among marketers as they chose imagery for their campaigns, but also the various motivations behind these image choices and how they differed by country. .....