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Kelsey LeBeau, Product Manager

February 21, 2018

Kelsey LeBeau

Google says AdSense Auto ads will ‘take care of the rest’ for publishers

..... The introduction comes the week following the online giant's introduction of Google Chrome Filtering, an update to its web browser that saw the introduction of an automated adblocker impacting websites which fall foul of its Ad Experience report. Many have claimed the development will only tighten the Google's vice-like grip on the ad-supported internet, although speaking with The Drum Kelsey LeBeau, a Google product manager, said such updates are geared towards improving consumers' internet experience. Searching for the best in search, these awards recognise those companies and individuals at the forefront of the US search Industry. .....

February 14, 2018

Kelsey LeBeau

How Google’s Chrome Filtering will operate and how publishers can avoid its adblocking hatchet

..... First announced in June of 2017, and speculated upon for many months prior to that, the findings of a survey of 40,000 internet users in both Europe and North America, now dictates the kind of ads publishers are allowed to serve to Chrome users (see video). Kelsey LeBeau, is a Google product manager that has helped formulate the online behemoth’s response to the recent uptick in anti-advertising sentiment among web users, research indicates that growth rates in the installation of adblocking software hit double-figures circa 2014. The actual number of users has been estimated and revised many times since press coverage of the matter hit near fever-pitch since 2014, but as of 12 months ago (almost to the day) eMarketer puts the number of US adblocker users at 75.1 million. .....