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LEARN MORE ABOUT Valeisha Butterfield Jones

Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Head-Women & Black Community Engagement

September 24, 2018

Valeisha Butterfield Jones

One Solution/One X Studio Showcase Powerhouse Individuals in McDonald's "Money Moves" Campaign

..... Money Moves was created to drive engagement between the McDonald's Value Menu and experts who define their value plan for their life, career, and purpose through resiliency, motivation, and determination. The campaign focuses on Best-Selling Author and Motivating Speaker, Lisa Nichols; Google Executive, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones; Knowledge Speaker, Tai Beauchamp; Fashion Director and Designer, Ty Hunter; American Renown Ballet Dancer, Alison Stroming and new upcoming rap artist on everyone's radar, Saweetie. These experts have created a recipe of success, and their Money Moves have allowed them to break the glass ceiling in their respective industries. .....

September 05, 2018

Danielle Brown
Danielle Mastrangel Brown
Valeisha Butterfield Jones

Disrupting the disruptor: Diversity efforts at Google

..... Then there were the infamous James Damore memo and harassment of Danielle Brown, VP of diversity and a Wired investigation declaring a “dirty war” surrounding these issues at the company. None of that is stopping Valeisha Butterfield-Jones. As the global head of women and black community engagement, she says it’s high time for disruption. .....