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LEARN MORE ABOUT Anthony Laforge

Anthony Laforge, Director, Technical Program Management

July 25, 2017

Anthony Laforge

So long, Flash: Adobe will kill plug-in by 2020

..... "For 20 years, Flash has helped shape the way that you play games, watch videos and run applications on the web. But over the last few years, Flash has become less common," Anthony Laforge, product manager for Google Chrome, said in a blog post reacting to the news. Three years ago, 80% of desktop Chrome users went to a website with Flash every day. .....

December 09, 2016

Anthony Laforge

Google starts using HTML5 by default instead of Flash for some Chrome users

..... The end of the road will be in October 2017, at which point all sites will ask people for permission to run Flash. It turns out that the original plan was to do that in July 2017, not September or October, Google technical program manager Anthony Laforge wrote in an email that circulated on the Chromium developers mailing list earlier this month. As a result of the delay, developers will have more time to switch content over from Flash to HTML5......