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Karen Dufilho, Executive Producer

May 04, 2018

Karen Dufilho

Interactive ad: Google: Virtual Reality Doodle

..... Produced by Nexus Studios. Category: Online services Client: Google Agency: - Executive Creative Director: Christopher O'Reilly Producer: Mariano Melman Carrara Director: FX Goby Director: Hélène Leroux Executive Producer: Karen Dufilho Executive Producer: Jan Pinkava Executive Producer: Jessica Yu Other credits: Production Manager: Derek Walsh Head of Production: Luke Youngman Project Lead: Mark Davies Project Lead: Dave Hunt Art Director: Hélène Leroux Design: Céline Desrumaux Design: Eléna Dupressoir Design: Signe Cold Design: Rebecca Crane Lead Animator & Rigging Consultant: Lucas Vigroux Animation: Edwin Leeds Animation: Florian Mounié Animation: Pierre Plouzeau Animation: Clement Fassler Animation: Frankie Swan Modelling, Shading, VFX & Spotlight Editor: Dave Hunt Modelling, Shading, VFX & Spotlight Editor: Jérôme Ferra 3D Generalist & Spotlight Editor: Mark Davies VFX, Pipeline & Shaders: Patrick Hearn Assets Modelling, Shading & Rigging: Dorianne Fibleuil Assets Modelling, Shading & Rigging: Signe Cold Rigging: Victor Vinyals Maya Pipeline: Tom Melson Studio Manager: Natalie Busuttil Assistant Studio Manager: Samira Tristani-Firouzi Sound Implementation: Mark Davies IT Support: Ryan Cawthorne IT Support: Thomas Crabbe Music Composed By: Mathieu Alvado Performed By: The London Symphony Orchestra Recorded By: Geoff Foster Recorded At: Air Studios Programming & Mixing: Samy Cheboub Pro Tools Session Preparation: Cécile Tournesac Assisted By: John Prestage Orchestra Contractor: Mario de Sa Copywriter: Norbert Vergonjanne Audio Post Production: Fonic Dubbing & VR Mixer: JM Finch Sound Design: Barnaby Templer Sound Design: JM Finch Foley Editor: Chris Swaine Foley Artist: Sue Harding Sound Assistant: Rory Hunter Marketing Lead: Perla Campos Lead Engineer: Jordan Thompson UX Lead: Diana Tran Program Manager: My-Linh Le UX & Environmental Design: Kevin Burke Business Affairs Lead: Madeline Belliveau Product Manager: Noga Eshed Technical Project Lead: Daniel Jeppsson Creative Director: Scot Stafford Music & Sound: Pollen Music Group Associate Producer: Sara Diamond Senior Tools Engineer: Josiah Larson Engine Lead: James Beattie Software Engineer: Andrea Hemphill Software Engineer: Guruji Panda Lead QA Engineer: Ravikumar Aluru Lead Tools Engineer: Morgwn McCarty Audio Software Engineer: Wayne Jackson Production Coordinator: Zaria Gunn Google Arts & Culture: Sixtine Fabre Google Arts & Culture: Valerie Pivan Google Arts & Culture: Anne Cisse Google Arts & Culture: Carolyn Concepcion Google Arts & Culture: Camille Jouneaux Google Arts & Culture: Claire Collet Cinémathèque Française: Frédéric Bonnaud Cinémathèque Française: Jean-Christophe Mikkailoff Cinémathèque Française: Laurent Mannoni Cinémathèque Française: Soraya Taous Cinémathèque Française: Xavier Jamet Google France Marketing: Alice Roy De Puyfontaine Google France Marketing: Jean-Philippe Becane.....

March 24, 2018

Karen Dufilho

Bryant and Keane's 'Dear Basketball' is a visual treat

..... The animator felt that CG would not have given the same impact as that of hand drawn sketch. It was a very realistic animation and so was done in live-action.Google's executive producer Karen Dufilho said, I want to tell stories. I want to tell stories in animation. .....