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William Vambenepe, Group Product Manager, Cloud Platform

September 25, 2017

William Vambenepe

Talend Connect Europe 2017: Architecting the Data-Driven Future

..... Additionally, for the first time this year, the program will feature Talend University, a new program designed specifically for Talend partners and end-users offering accelerated training to get the most value from Talend solutions. Who: The preliminary list of presenters for the show includes: • Mike Tuchen, Chief Executive Officer, Talend • Laurent Bride, Chief Technology Officer, Talend • David Todd, Group Data Director, Travis Perkins • Denis Bourdon, CEO of APRIL Technologies, APRIL Group • Paolo Furlani, Big Data Platform Architect, Decision Resource Group • Rob Reijmers, Data Warehouse Administrator, CCV Group • Olivier Descroizette, Agro-Environmental Director, SMAG Group • William Vambenepe, Group Product Manager, Google When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017, from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CET. Where: Maison de la Mutualité - 24 Rue Saint-Victor, 75005 Paris – France. .....

June 05, 2017

William Vambenepe

Google accelerates customer data processing with new cloud feature

..... While Google created the SDK, it’s possible for users to deploy pipelines on Apache Flink, Spark, Apex, and Gearpump clusters running in other locations as well. The value of Cloud Dataflow Shuffle depends on the extent to which a Beam pipeline relies on shuffle operations, according to William Vambenepe, a group product manager on the Google Cloud Platform team. “You have pipelines that do barely any shuffle,” he said. .....