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Christopher Sanson, Product Manager

July 01, 2017

Christopher Sanson

Foss Bytes: Google Releases Open Source Platform Spinnaker 1.0

..... It can be used for best-practice deployment strategies as well. "With Spinnaker, you simply choose the deployment strategy you want to use for each environment, e.g., red/black for staging, rolling red/black for production, and it orchestrates the dozens of steps necessary under-the- hood," said Christopher Sanson, the product manager for Google Cloud Platform. Google has optimised Spinnaker 1.0 for Google Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure. .....

June 06, 2017

Christopher Sanson

Google Releases New Version of Spinnaker Cloud Code Update Platform

..... It is a continuous delivery platform that is designed to make it easier for organizations to deliver applications and software code to Google's cloud platform and to cloud services from other providers as well. Spinnaker 1.0 embodies a lot of what Google has learned over the years from making thousands of code deployments a day, to thousands of services several of which have over 1 billion users, Google product manager Christopher Sanson said in the company's cloud platform blog this week. "Along the way we’ve learned some best practices about how to deploy software at velocity — things like automated releases, immutable infrastructure, gradual rollouts and fast rollbacks," he said. .....