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LEARN MORE ABOUT Marzia Niccolai

Marzia Niccolai, Product Manager

November 06, 2018

Marzia Niccolai

How high-resolution photography is changing the way we look at art

..... The main aim of such collaborations is to make works of art accessible, but digital interventions inevitably also affect the way works of art are experienced. The idea that our experience of the artworks is changing, however, is downplayed by Marzia Niccolai, of Google Arts & Culture, who emphasises that providing museums with the technology to realise such projects is motivated by altruism, and is intended to draw people into museums. Digital resources broaden the global audience for art by making it more readily available, and stimulate curiosity about the objects themselves. .....

May 31, 2017

Marzia Niccolai

Google’s Newest Feature Is Great For Art Lovers

..... The computer vision technology used throughout the process is the same present in Google's Photos app , which can identify elements like people, food, plants, and animals in images. "It's not just about what the user has searched for, but taking them on a journey so that they can discover things that they never even knew they would like," says Google product manager Marzia Niccolai. Google says its search engine receives 500 million art-related queries each month, which is why it's making some improvements to the search experience as well. .....