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LEARN MORE ABOUT Marzia Niccolai

Marzia Niccolai, Manager, Technical Program, UK

May 31, 2017

Marzia Niccolai

Google’s Newest Feature Is Great For Art Lovers

..... The computer vision technology used throughout the process is the same present in Google's Photos app , which can identify elements like people, food, plants, and animals in images. "It's not just about what the user has searched for, but taking them on a journey so that they can discover things that they never even knew they would like," says Google product manager Marzia Niccolai. Google says its search engine receives 500 million art-related queries each month, which is why it's making some improvements to the search experience as well. .....

May 17, 2016

Marzia Niccolai

Google Has A Hi-Res ‘Art Camera’ That Helps Preserve Artwork

..... It seems that this camera is not only capable of scanning hi-res files, but it works considerably quicker which in turn lets Google pick up the pace. According to Marzia Niccolai, technical program manager at the Cultural Institute, “The capture time has been reduced drastically. Previously it could take almost a day to capture an image. .....