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Michee Smith, Product Manager, Security & Privacy

November 01, 2018

Ben Smith
Guemmy Kim
Michee Smith

The Privacy Battle To Save Google From Itself

..... The project has grown from an annual report on government requests launched in 2010 into an array of analyses and data sets for users to track over time on a range of issues like content removals due to copyright, YouTube community guidelines enforcement, search entry removals under European privacy law, and even a report about political advertising on Google. Michee Smith, the lead project manager for transparency reports, oversees a team of 10 to 15 engineers, product people, policy experts, and lawyers who work together to keep the reports coming and collaborate with various teams around Google to get the right data. The group prioritizes making its reports as easy as possible for people to understand and dig through. .....

September 12, 2018

Michee Smith

Google is fighting back against efforts to expand 'right to be forgotten' rules

..... In a February report, Google noted that deciding what to de-list can become problematic, and those that have been deleted thus far comprise only 43.3 percent of requests. Search engines like Google must consider if the information in question is inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant or excessiveand whether there is a public interest in the information remaining available in search results, said Michee Smith, Googles product lead on the project. In the four years since right to be forgotten was enacted, the main request from consumers is tied to social media and directory services containing personal information. .....