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Mallory Fetters, Product Manager, Marketing Mix Models

April 07, 2017

Mallory Fetters

Google Debuted A Marketing Mix Modeling Partner Program; Unilever Rolls Back Ad Spend With WPP

..... The self-evident benefits of multitouch attribution (MTA) have failed to overcome last-click in large part because MTA fails to capture macroeconomic or offline impacts on advertising (like seasonal consumer cycles, national currency rates or offline marketing). CMOs were pushing Google for better ways “to understand how their marketing investments are driving sales and how to optimize their spend across multiple brands, channels and regions,” per a blog post from MMM product manager Mallory Fetters. Many thought digital media and real-time, data-driven thinking would supplant MMM. .....

April 06, 2017

Mallory Fetters

News Corp names new adtech chief ahead of programmatic launch, while Google continues damage control

..... This included the naming of Marketing Management Analytics, Nielsen and Neustar among its Marketing Mix Model Partners, a program it has launched to better help brands assess the impact of media spend with Google among their wider marketing efforts, as well as counter ‘walled garden’ allegations. “Today we’re excited to announce a program to help marketing mix model providers better incorporate Google media data into their services,” reads the post penned by Mallory Fetters, Google product manager, marketing mix models. As part of the program, partners will get access to “accurate, granular campaign data across all relevant Google video, display and search media in a standardized format”, training in how to better understand Google’s feedback and tools, as well as how to incorporate its data into their modeling methodologies, as well technical support through a team of account managers. .....