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John Barrus, Product Manager, Cloud TPUs

February 12, 2018

Jeff Dean
John Barrus

Wanna gobble Google's custom chips? Now you can its Cloud TPUs at $6.50 an hour

..... While the first generation was only applicable for training neural networks, the Cloud TPU can handle both training and inference. John Barrus, product manager for Cloud TPUs and Zak Stone, product manager for TensorFlow and Cloud TPUs, said earlier today the chips are “available in limited quantities today and usage is billed by the second at the rate of $6.50 USD / Cloud TPU / hour.” Six bucks an hour may seem steep, but consider Amazon's AWS charges up to roughly $24 an hour for a top-end GPU-powered virtual instance for machine-learning tasks. .....

February 12, 2018

John Barrus
Zak Stone

AI Cloud Competition Heats Up: Google’s TPUs, Amazon Building AI Chip

..... Built with four custom ASICs, each Cloud TPU has up to 180 teraflops of floating-point performance and 64 GB of memory on a single board. “Instead of waiting for a job to schedule on a shared compute cluster, you can have interactive, exclusive access to a network-attached Cloud TPU via a Google Compute Engine VM that you control and can customize,” said John Barrus, product manager for Cloud TPUs, Google Cloud, and Zak Stone, product manager for TensorFlow and Cloud TPUs, Google Brain Team, in a jointly written blog post. “Rather than waiting days or weeks to train a business-critical ML model, you can train several variants of the same model overnight on a fleet of Cloud TPUs and deploy the most accurate trained model in production the next day......