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Emily Schechter, Product Manager, Chrome Security

May 22, 2018

Emily Schechter

Google Is Turning Up the Pressure On Sites To Adopt HTTPS

..... Because the majority of sites have the security of HTTPS, the tech company has decided it`s more important to instead point out which sites aren`t secure. "Since we`ll soon start marking all HTTP pages as `not secure,` we`ll step towards removing Chrome`s positive security indicators so that the default unmarked state is secure," wrote Emily Schechter, product manager for Chrome security in a blog post on Thursday. Chrome plans to use a bright red icon and a warning in the URL bar saying "Not Secure" to indicate a website`s HTTP status and to warn users to be wary. .....

May 21, 2018

Emily Schechter

Google details how it will overturn encryption signals in Chrome

..... " By doing so, Chrome will have completed a 180-degree turn from browsers' original signage - marking secure HTTPS sites, usually with a padlock icon of some shade, to indicate encryption and a digital certificate - to labeling only those pages that are insecure. "Users should expect that the web is safe by default," wrote Emily Schechter, a product manager on the Chrome security team, in a May 17 post to a company blog. "Since we'll soon start marking all HTTP pages as 'not secure,' we'll step towards removing Chrome's positive security indicators so that the default unmarked state is secure......