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Reena Patil Nadkarni, Head, Product Management, G Suite

April 19, 2019

Reena Patil Nadkarni

New email alerts and location for easier alert center management

Specifically we’re:Moving the location of alert management for predefined admin alerts in the Admin console to the system defined rules section.Adding optional email notific... Related posts: Introducing the security center for G Suite—security analytics and best practices from Google (Cross-posted from The Keyword)Reena Nadkarni, Group Product Manager, G SuiteChad Tyler,... Control session length for Google services on the web To protect your organization’s data, we automatically sign any G... .....

October 10, 2018

Reena Patil Nadkarni

Google Cloud boss promises 'security built into every layer of the system' at UK shindig

..... "With the new location restriction policy, coming soon to beta, you can limit where GCP resources are created based on predefined geographical region – for example, you could specify Germany as the only region from which your resources can be created. And with the domain restricted sharing policy, you can limit the set of domains that can access your GCP resources," said Reena Nadkarni, G Suite product manager, in a canned statement. In addition, G Suite is being expanded to incorporate an alert centre, providing "a unified view that will help admins manage alerts more efficiently" and bring security scares front and centre. .....