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Danielle Buckley, Sr Product Mgr-Google Plus

January 24, 2017

Danielle Buckley

Why Google still isn't giving up on Google+

..... Google+ is still in decline, by most accounts, but the company isn’t giving up on its once grandiose social networking project yet. The company is reducing white space, introducing an algorithm to hide spam from comments, and bringing back the ability to create events -- a feature it killed in last year’s redesign, according to a blog post by Danielle Buckley, Google+ product manager. Google is also committed to updates, but it’s unclear how significant those might be considering how much the service has been whittled down since its June 2011 launch. .....

January 18, 2017

Danielle Buckley

Google is still refusing to let Google+ die (GOOG)

The vast majority of the social network's users have long-since abandoned it — but the Californian tech giant is continuing to modify and update the platform. In a blog post published Tuesday, Google+ product manager Danielle Buckley announced three coming changes. It is going to automatically hide "low quality" comments (read: spam and nonsense) on photos and posts; it is adjusting its layout to prioritise photos and posts and show less white space; and it is re-introducing the ability to create events you can invite people to and join (much like on Facebook), after previously removing the feature. .....