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Francis Ma, Head-Product & Design-Firebase

May 09, 2019

Francis Ma

What's New in the Firebase Mobile Dev Platform

..... Google announced several updates to its Firebase mobile development platform, which provides back-end functionality such as Crashlytics crash reporting, analytics, machine learning capabilities, performance monitoring and more. Here's a rundown of some of the new and improved features, starting with the three biggest announcements as presented by Francis Ma, head of product, during the Google I/O 2019 conference: Machine Learning: To simplify machine learning for app developers, the Firebase team updated its ML Kit , which is still in beta, with three new capabilities: On-device Translation API: This lets developers use the same offline models that support Google Translate to provide fast, dynamic translation of text in an app into 58 languages. Object Detection & Tracking API: This real-time location and tracking of the most prominent objects in live camera feeds. .....

March 04, 2019

Francis Ma

‘Above the Fold’ episode recap: Considering a new SEO world order

“Has anyone ever come to you and said ‘we want to rank for Bing??!” Smugly, that’s how proletariat-praising, search engine-shaming Jeff Baker begins Season Two’s fifth episode – Duck Duck Whoa – A world without Google and Backlinking – co-hosted by a frustrated Francis Ma, whose abject fear of change is becoming more of a liability every week. Following the customary 15-minute bullshit session – this week we covered sneeze sound effects, sad SEO stories and anime as an artform – the dudes dive into an intriguing comparative study. .....