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Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager

December 20, 2017

Maya Kaczorowski

How Google Uses Encryption to Secure Against Cloud Data Leaks

..... Analytics firm Alteryx stored data in a bucket that essentially allowed any user with an AWS account to access it, according to a blog post by UpGuard security researcher Chris Vickery. In a Google blog post, Maya Kaczorowski, security and privacy product manager at Google Cloud, explains the measures Google takes to authenticate the data source, ensure the data arrives at its destination unaltered, and keep the data in transit confidential with encryption. “When you connect to Google Cloud, the data you send is encrypted using HTTPS so that an adversary cannot snoop on your traffic,” she wrote. .....

December 13, 2017

Maya Kaczorowski

Google Sheds Light on Data Encryption Practices

One focuses on encryption of data in transit; the other on service-to-service communication using Application Layer Transport Security (ALTS). Google gets a lot of questions from customers on how it protects data, says Maya Kaczorowski, Google Cloud security and privacy product manager. Today's release details the steps taken to protect authenticity, integrity, and privacy by verifying data sources, ensuring data arrives unchanged, and keeping data confidential while in transit. .....