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LEARN MORE ABOUT Maya Kaczorowski

Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager

June 22, 2018

Maya Kaczorowski

Six essential security sessions at Google Cloud Next 18

..... Come learn how Google protects your data within Google infrastructure, when it’s stored on disk as well as when it moves across our network, for use by various services. Google Cloud Security and Privacy Product Managers Maya Kaczorowski and Il-Sung Lee will also cover additional protections you can put in place such as Customer-Managed Encryption Keys, IPsec tunnels, and Istio. More details are available here Not content to sit back and wait, Google has a huge team of security researchers that actively push the limits of our systems. .....

May 11, 2018

Maya Kaczorowski

Exploring container security: Isolation at different layers of the Kubernetes stack

By Tim Allclair, Software Engineer, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager, Security & Privacy Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series of blog posts on container security at Google. To conclude our blog series on container security, today’s post covers isolation, and when containers are appropriate for actually, well... containing. .....