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Stephanie Davis, Country Director, Singapore

March 14, 2018

Stephanie Davis
Sundar Pichai

10 traits that will make you a successful leader, according to Google's internal research

..... " In other words, managers should not only help their team develop skills and advance their careers, but also be clear about expectations and give honest feedback about performance. Stephanie Davis, who won one of Google's Great Manager Awards, told HBR that feedback reports helped her realize how important it was to communicate team vision in addition to company vision. "They wanted me to interpret the higher-level vision for them," she said. .....

November 02, 2017

Deniz Binay
Stephanie Davis

Google Assistant can now speak some Singlish

..... ” Google Assistant’s product manager Deniz Binay told reporters the Singaporean English integration “is missing some Singlish words, but it will get better over time (in future updates).” Stephanie Davis, the country director of Google Singapore noted in a press statement that Singaporeans are avid smartphone users who are always on the go. “With this latest update to Google Assistant, we hope to help more Singaporeans get things done quickly on their phones — take a selfie, get directions from Google Maps, find your photos, get help with translation and more,” she said. .....