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Catherine Courage, VP, Ads & Commerce User Experience

May 25, 2018

Catherine Courage

How the Leaders of Coca-Cola, Netflix and Amazon Encourage Their Teams to Take More Risks

..... ” But, when you do have a homerun such as Genentech, the 800-fold return on investment covers and pays for the miscalculated ventures. In a recent interview Catherine Courage, vice president of user experience (UX) at Google, made the suggestion that you should “embrace fear, rather than letting it hold you back.” Courage loves the quote, “Growth and comfort do not coexist. .....

May 25, 2018

Catherine Courage

Gala Honoring Kay Kimpton Walker Raises $1,267,000 for Student Scholarship Fund.

..... Major art collectors included the likes of Sabrina Buell, Frances Bowes, Chara Schreyer, and Susy and Jack Wadsworth. Also in attendance were: designers, architects, and artists such as Yves Behar, Arthur Gensler Jr., Jim Jennings, Michael Vanderbyl, Sandy Walker, Alyssa Warnock, Ann Weber, Sonya Yu and Zack Lara; renowned authors Tom Barbash, Jennifer Egan, and Vendela Vida; musicians such as Boz Scaggs; and major cultural and society figures in the San Francisco Bay Area including owner of the Giants Larry Baer, founder of Hiball Energy Todd Berardi, Gay-Lynn and Robert Blanding, Penny Coulter, vice president of Google Catherine Courage, John and Ellen Drew, Heidi Fisher, Fred and Shelby Gans, Michael Krasny, Michele Meany, Amanda Michaels, Paul Pelosi, Gina Peterson, Alison Pincus, Cathy and Mike Podell, Leslie Podell, John Pritzker, Allison Speer, Kim Swig, Roselyne Swig, Susan Swig, Hillary Thomas, Laney and Pasha Thornton, Katie Traina, Danielle Walker, Summer and Brooks Walker, and Pat Wilson. In case of any query regarding this article or other content needs please contact: q.....