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LEARN MORE ABOUT Catherine Courage

Catherine Courage, VP, Ads & Commerce User Experience

May 13, 2018

Catherine Courage

The Forum 2018: The Power of Strategic Brand Storytelling

..... In fact social media is practically worthless if you aren’t sharing real stories that impact real people. Many of our most cherished stories are centered around a hero helped by a guide, explained Forum 2018 speaker Catherine Courage, VP of Ads & UX at Google. Without Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker might still be a farmer on Tatooine. .....

April 27, 2018

Catherine Courage

The She Phrase: Catherine Braveness, Consumer Expertise VP, on designing her profession

Editor's Note: When you use a Google product, you might not realize that there's an entire team of people who have carefully designed everything from the icons you see to the button that you click. In our latest installment of the She Word—a Keyword series all about dynamic and creative women at Google—we talked to Catherine Courage, Vice President of User Experience (UX) who “puts herself in other people's shoes” to design the best possible products for them. How do you explain your job at a dinner party? .....