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Catherine Courage, VP-UX-Adds & Commerce

September 26, 2018

Catherine Courage
Reena Singhal Lee

We made it to #GHC18! Here’s what Googlers are looking forward to.

..... Pick up new skills I'm looking forward to helping attendees create their first Actions on Google action that will be published so the world can try it with the Google Assistant right after the conference! - Reena Lee, Product Manager Take advantage of hands-on learning experiences like the “Getting Started with Actions on Google” workshop led by Mandy Chan, Developer Community Manager, and the “Nail Your Promotion” workshop with Catherine Courage, VP, Design. Meet new people I'm pretty sure everyone says this but my favorite part is always meeting some pretty baller women! .....

May 25, 2018

Catherine Courage

How the Leaders of Coca-Cola, Netflix and Amazon Encourage Their Teams to Take More Risks

..... ” But, when you do have a homerun such as Genentech, the 800-fold return on investment covers and pays for the miscalculated ventures. In a recent interview Catherine Courage, vice president of user experience (UX) at Google, made the suggestion that you should “embrace fear, rather than letting it hold you back.” Courage loves the quote, “Growth and comfort do not coexist. .....