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Leonie Valentine, Managing Director, Sales & Operations, Hong Kong

December 13, 2018

Leonie Valentine

AI and Machine Learning as part of doing business

..... Too often leadership will determine a course of action – cost control, enter new markets, build new revenue streams through product innovation – which for many of the larger financial institutions mean redirecting resources to execute these strategies. Leonie Valentine, managing director for Google Hong Kong, concedes that financial institutions often plan a year, maybe more, ahead with their strategies. RELATED: Use big query not big data for great experience “Making room for [new] projects in large organizations is something you have to think about probably 12 months out if not longer. .....

November 26, 2018

Leonie Valentine

Hong Kong marketers : time to smarten up

..... The research also surprisingly found that the retail industry was the only category among others (travel, finance, living and people) in the survey that went backwards in digital engagement at ­4%. Leonie Valentine, managing director of sales and operations at Google Hong Kong, comments: “We always expect the pace of digitalisation to improve, and engagement by digital is going to improve. The fact it is actually going backward is quite interesting......