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LEARN MORE ABOUT Julia Ferraioli

Julia Ferraioli, Engineer, Software

October 10, 2018

Julia Ferraioli

Google should suspend, possibly fire Dave Hogue after profanity filled attack on GOP

..... He also tweeted , “Abolish the Senate.” Julia Ferraioli, an OpenSource Senior Developer Advocate at Google, responded to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s quote, “These things always blow over.” She wrote , “We will prove you wrong,” and then later tweeted that while she had planned to go protest at the Capitol, she could not because of illness. .....

April 21, 2016

Julia Ferraioli

Top 5 GCP NEXT breakout sessions on YouTube (so far)

..... What exactly is machine learning, and what can it do for you? In “Build smart applications with your new superpower: cloud machine learning” Google Developer Advocate Julia Ferraioli walks through the range of Google’s machine learning options, from TensorFlow, to Google Cloud Machine Learning to the Machine Learning APIs. She’s also joined by David Zuckerman, head of developer experience at, who describes how it used Google machine learning to mine customer images with the new Vision API. .....