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Kathy McMann, VP & Art Director, Production

February 08, 2017

Bill Goodell
Chris Valencius
Gregg Nelson
Kathy McMann
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TV & Cinema: Things [Extended Cut]

Alternative Title: Meet Gus Category: Professional Services Media: Film Brand: Sutter Health Agency: Arnold Geo: United States Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston, USA Global Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott Managing Partner Executive Creative Director: Wade Devers Group Creative Director: Chris Valencius Creative Directors: John Simpson, Gregg Nelson Associate Creative Director / Art: Rua Perston Associate Creative Director / Copywrite: Matt Cramp Associate Design Director: Gordon Chislett Copywriter: Miki Turner Director of Content Production: Bill Goodell Broadcast Producer: William Near Asst Broadcast Producer: Alissa Feldbau Executive Print Producer: Victoria Shaughnessy Director Art Production: Kathy McMann Art Producer: Dayna Stanley Broadcast / BA Manager: Kate Swanson Director of Planning: Karin Wood Marketing Director: Jon Hedlund Marketing Manager: Matt St. Jean Associate Marketing Manager: Sophie Dietz Production Company: Anonymous Content Director: Malcolm Venville Managing Director / Executive Producer: Eric Stern Executive Producer / Production: SueEllen Clair Head of Production: Kerry Haynie Producer: Jeff Tanner Production Supervisor: Joan Duff Editorial Company / VFX: Lost Planet & Black Hole Editors: Charlie Johnston, Max Koepke Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg Producers: Casey Cayko, Felix Cabrera Photographer: Angela Coppola Creative Production Studio: Saddington Baynes Production Company: BART + Radio / Seattle VO Director / Producer: Bart Smith Engineer / Sound Design: Robb Davidson Sound: Soundtrack Boston Engineer: Mike Secher Music: Singing Serpents Producer: Dennis Culp Color: Company 3 Colorist: Tim Masick Published: February 2017.....

January 23, 2017

Cordelia Fasoldt
Jim Spadafora
Kathy McMann
Sean McBride
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Print ads: Warriors of the Wild

..... The campaign features ads in the style of ’70s and ’80s action movie posters. Media: Print Category: Finance & insurance Client: Progressive Insurance Agency: Arnold Worldwide Country: United States of America Project Manager: Erin Sullivan Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride Group Creative Director: Marc Sobier Art Director: Jennifer Fisher Copywriter: Bryce Isaacson Producer: Kathy McMann Illustrator: Sam Spratt Planner: Cordelia Fasoldt Studio: Britney Drotleff Production Manager: Jim Spadafora Typographer: Shotopop - Casper Franken Marketing: Elliott Seaborn, Val Bettini, Kate Browne Business Affairs: Lisa Mercier.....