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Michael Tabtabai, Head, Google Brand Creative

July 27, 2016

Cameron Luby
Michael Tabtabai
Michelle Rosen Sapir

Everyone Speaks Food at Small World

..... The Everyone Speaks Food project was developed at m ss ng p eces , by executive creative director Masahi Kamakura, creative director Jamie Carreiro, executive producers Kate Oppenheim, Ari Kuschnir and Brian Latt, director Josh Nussbaum, head of production Dave Saltzman, project management director Brian Mitchell, art director David Trumpf, art producer Kari Anderson, project manager supervisor Sara’o Berry, project management supervisor Kathryn Berk, project management coordinators Jonathan Figueroa and Zachary Kislevitz, copywriters Gideon Jacobs and Cassie Marketos, designers Jordan Bruner, Costa Damaskos and Stephane Rodriguez, campaign video line producer Mike Prall and campaign video production manager Jason Reif. Google’s team were head of Google brand breative Michael Tabtabai, head of cultural activations Cameron Luby, Google brand marketing manager Ben Quesnel, Google Translate marketing manager Jesse Friedman, head of brand and reputation, events and experiences Michelle Rosen Sapir, brand marketing manager Kyle Gray, social lab marketing manager Jane Hall, events marketing managers Katrina Lau, Melissa Luu, and Lorin Pollack, brand marketing manager Tracy Hepler, communications managers Evan Barbour and Kara Berman. Design and branding work at The MP Shift was by co-founders Amy Morris and Anna Polonsky......

March 31, 2016

Cameron Luby
Michael Tabtabai

WATCH: The Israeli team racing to the moon with Google

..... Abrams Producers Joshua Davis Lindsey Weber Joshuah Bearman Andrew Lee Co-Producers Jon Drever Becca Perry Ben Rosenblatt Story Producer Steven Leckart Line Producer Adam Mitchenall Director of Photography Franklin Dow Editors Katie Bryer Andy Cardy Rebecca Valente Nathan Orloff Composer Patrick Jonsson Production Managers Sunny Dimitriadou Elena Andreicheva Josie Wicks Camera Assistants Will Hadley Jamie Ackroyd Naomi Hancock Sound Recordist Sara Lima Assistant Editors Youssef Bouhassis Ailene Roberts Laura Creecy Post-Production Management Amelia Franklin Philip Hoang Graphics Sal Sciortino Colorist Juan Ignacio Cabrera Conform Artist Peter Amies Sound Re-Recording Mixers Lindsey Alvarez Craig Henighan Production Services Grain Media Visual Effects Kelvin Optical, Inc. Google Brand Marketing Michael Tabtabai Cameron Luby Yasemin Denari Southworth Ben Quesnel Matt Hirst Production Support Mike Silver Cory Bennett Lewis Josh Tate Morgan Dameron Amir Mojarradi Eboni Price Kristofer Cross Special Thanks Chanda Gonzales-Mowrer David Locke Charles Scott Robby Stambler Matt Evans Jesse Goldsmith Chrysta Burton Ali Lowndes Diane Coote Richard Jephcote Nick Rowley Alice Martineau 72andSunny Kelly Vicars Harry Spitzer Natalie So The Bash Family Israel Space Agency Eran Privman Oshrat Slama Alon Farago Guy Avitan Elen Gafni Additional footage provided by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Arizona State University Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center