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Ashwin Limaye, Product Manager

September 16, 2018

Ashwin Limaye

The Future of the Smart Home Revealed at the Ad Age House: Hamptons

..... Ad Age House has developed a reputation as an intimate gathering of thought leaders under one roof to explore current trends and forecast what’s to come across various industries and the theme this year was The Smart Home and the role technology plays in our private lives which partnered with the Internet of Things Consortium. Held in a gorgeous estate in Southampton, the day opened with a farm to table lunch followed by a panel on The Future of the Living room which was led by the Google Product Lead, Ashwin Limaye and Annie Byron of Samsung that discussed how homes are becoming increasingly connected with a central hub. Other topics covered were on Health, Wellness and Tech that had insight from Michael Wu of Sleep Number and Peloton and Voice Activation within the home. .....

March 22, 2016

Ashwin Limaye

Are We at a Tipping Point Against the Dominance of Ad-Supported Journalism?

..... Google, for example, is touting AMP’s ability to integrate with publisher paywalls as a major differentiator against other mobile news distribution solutions. “We believe the AMP Project will fundamentally change how users discover and consume content, and we’re hard at work as an industry to make subscription content a first-class citizen in this journey,” Ashwin Limaye, the company’s AMP project manager wrote Feb. 9 in a marketing document touting AMP’s accommodation of paywalls. With its News app, which is automatically loaded on any iPhone running the latest version of its iOS, Apple too appears to be moving toward accommodating direct reader payments. .....