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Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager, Cloud Platform

March 23, 2017

Brett Hesterberg

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Managed PostgreSQL for your mobile and geospatial applications in Google Cloud

By Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform At Google Cloud Next ‘17, we announced support for PostgreSQL as part of Google Cloud SQL, our managed database service. With its extensibility, strong standards compliance and support from a vibrant open-source community, Postgres is the database of choice for many developers, especially for powering geospatial and mobile applications. .....

August 16, 2016

Brett Hesterberg

Cloud SQL Second Generation performance and feature deep dive

Posted by Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform Five years ago, we launched the First Generation of Google Cloud SQL and have helped thousands of companies build applications on top of it. In that time, Google Cloud Platform’s innovations on Persistent Disk dramatically increased IOPS for Google Compute Engine, so we built Second Generation on Persistent Disk, allowing us to offer a far more performant MySQL solution at a fraction of the cost. .....