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Brett Hesterberg, Product Mgr-Google Cloud SQL

July 11, 2018

Brett Hesterberg

Google Releases Open Source Tool That Checks Postgres Backup Integrity

..... Starting this week, it is now also available as open source code. Brett Hesterberg, product manager at Google's cloud unit and Alexis Guajardo, a senior software engineer at the company described the new feature as a command line tool that administrators can execute against a Postgres database. "Since PostgreSQL version 9.3, it’s been possible to enable checksums on data pages to avoid ignoring data corruption," Hesterberg and Guajardo wrote in a blog July 11. .....

March 23, 2017

Brett Hesterberg

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Managed PostgreSQL for your mobile and geospatial applications in Google Cloud

By Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform At Google Cloud Next ‘17, we announced support for PostgreSQL as part of Google Cloud SQL, our managed database service. With its extensibility, strong standards compliance and support from a vibrant open-source community, Postgres is the database of choice for many developers, especially for powering geospatial and mobile applications. .....