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LEARN MORE ABOUT Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski, Product Director

October 19, 2018

Luke Wroblewski

Everything you need to know about skeleton screens

..... But do they actually work? Luke Wroblewski first coined the term “skeleton screen” in a blog post advising that designers eschew the use of spinners (typically a graphical element that is animated rotating on its center point) in favour of visual placeholders. He referenced work he had done on a native mobile app called Polar, specifically around excessive wait times reported by users when loading the app’s web views. .....

October 08, 2018

Bradley Horowitz
Luke Wroblewski

Looking back at Google+

..... But not happy enough to go back to Google+. Bradley Horowitz, VP, Photos and Streams at Google and Product Director at Google, Luke Wroblewski, had teamed up to redesign Google+ around what Google’s data indicated was working: Communities and Collections. Essentially, the new Google+ was focused on users and their interests. .....