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LEARN MORE ABOUT Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski, Product Director, Google

February 20, 2018

Luke Wroblewski

Google's latest beta hints at what should be a key Android P feature

..... And when it comes to practical impact, that's precisely the kind of tweak that matters. As Google product director and UX guru Luke Wroblewski‏ put it — while talking about a similar but more limited feature that's already available, in all places, in the Amazon app on iOS — this sort of implementation is "designing for how people really use mobile devices (they take and share a lot of screenshots) vs. porting over existing desktop UI (like sharing links/buttons) to mobile." It's hard not to look at this and see the connection with earlier Android features like my aforementioned fast app-switching and share menu pinning favorites — features that also seemed small but ultimately had the potential to make a real and ongoing difference in personal productivity. .....

February 13, 2018

Luke Wroblewski

What is a screen mockup? The UI design stage you just can’t skip

..... That’s why, like it or not, interface designers often live and die by the mockup.” Luke Wroblewski UI designers new to mockups might make these all too common blunders. Expecting a mockup to communicate functionality: Remember, mockups look great, but they’re just a series of isolated images at the end of the day. .....