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John Brown, Head, Publisher Policy Communications

March 03, 2019

John Brown

Five Easy Steps for Maximizing the usefulness of Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review items emailed by Google

..... If not satisfied with the readability of PD Review texts as seen on the Google PD Review emails, refer to the homepage of the PD Review, where these texts appear, in a readable format (but not as a rule in chronological order or in order of their importance) -- and frequently cover more than three entries for a given day. 5. In a general way, use the Google messages as a reminder to check new items the PD Review via its homepage. *** Sample Google e-mailed PD Review entries [note the nutty format] John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review Inbox x Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review <> Unsubscribe Fri, Mar 1, 6:11 PM (1 day ago) to me John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review India-Korea bonhomie: 'Act east' meets 'new southern policy' The origins of “public diplomacy” Senators Portman, Carper unveil report on Confucius Institutes at U.S. schools and universities India-Korea bonhomie: 'Act east' meets 'new southern policy' Posted: 01 Mar 2019 02:54 PM PST John Jojin, For an explanation of the above photo illustrating quote ancient Indian-Korean ties, see the below statement: "The visit of the Korean first lady last year on the occasion of Deepotsva celebrations in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, appealed to a large number of Indians, who are otherwise not familiar with either Korea or India-Korea relations. Her visit popularized the Korean myth of a nuptial connection between a Korean king and an Indian princess dating back two millennia, which was hitherto not well known in India. .....

January 07, 2019

John Brown

Google AdSense Issues User Generated Content Warning by @martinibuster

..... I’ve blocked everything I can think of from my message boards, but still get the occasional violation warning for something I’d never considered so I’d like to be proactive.” According to the John Brown, Google’s AdSense Publisher Policy Communications representative, Google wants to create an environment where publishers can trust the ads Google will show on publisher sites and advertisers can trust the content that publishers will show ads on. Here is what Google’s John Brown stated: That’s the stated goal. .....