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LEARN MORE ABOUT Owen Campbell Moore

Owen Campbell Moore, Product Manager

February 20, 2018

Owen Campbell Moore

Yes, Google and Apple Support PWAs Too

..... Google doesn’t (yet) offer a way to find PWAs in its app store, Google Play. At the Chrome Dev Summit in October 2017, Google’s Owen Campbell-Moore announced how the search giant would allow PWAs to work with its desktop platform, Chrome OS. Put simply, PWAs will run on Chrome OS just as they do on Windows 10 (starting with version 1803) and Android, as native apps. .....

November 05, 2017

Owen Campbell Moore

Progressive versus native apps: When was the last time you found a no-brainer solution to a media problem?

..... They can be designed to look just like a company’s existing native app and/or website. Progressive Web Apps consume 92 per cent less data compared to a native app, allowing them to better address users with slower phones or limited storage, according to Owen Campbell-Moore, product manager at Google. The app stores are increasing their regulatory hurdles that apps must clear, making the application and approval process for apps and app upgrades in Google Play, Windows Phone Apps, or Apple’s App Store a tedious and time-consuming process. .....