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Leonard Law, Product Manager

July 31, 2015

Leonard Law

Google says Encryption Keys are in the Ignition

By Peter Bernstein July 31, 2015 It has been such a wild few days in the cyber security area with all of the hacks, data breaches , exposures by security folks that all Android and wearable devices can be compromised, etc., that an announcement by Google of a new security measure almost slipped through the cracks. Hence, as a bit of a public service, I’d like to draw your attention to the following Google Cloud Platform Blog, Bring Your Own Encryption Keys to Google Cloud Platform , by Leonard Law, Product Manager. As the posting states, this is all about giving people control over how data is encrypted with the Google Compute Engine on their public cloud .The blog enumerates the benefits as: Secure: All compute assets are encrypted using the industry-leading AES-256 standard, and Google never retains keys, meaning Google cannot decrypt your data at rest. .....

July 28, 2015

Leonard Law

Google Is Giving Customers Control Of Cloud Encryption Keys

..... Google is a relatively minor player in the public cloud business, trailing Amazon and Microsoft, and needs to make more effort to increase its dominance. “You create and hold the keys, you determine when data is active or at rest, and absolutely no one inside or outside Google can access your at rest data without possession of your keys,” wrote Leonard Law, a product manager at Google, in a blog post announcing the service. Though users will have greater control, they should keep in mind what that means: If a customer loses the encryption keys, it’s game over — Google says it can’t help you access the lost keys or encrypted data. .....