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Paul-Henri Ferrand, Pres-Customer Ops-Google Cloud

August 04, 2018

Paul-Henri Ferrand

Google to build third datacentre in Singapore

..... At Google Cloud Next in San Francisco in July 2018, Harshman said the company would also double down on partnerships with regional systems integrators and enterprise technology companies as part of its growth strategy. Noting that Googles cloud business has been gaining momentum in Asia, Paul-Henri Ferrand, president for global customer operations at Google Cloud, claimed at the annual company event that its customers appreciate its commercially flexible cloud that offers the best price-performance ratio. GCPs pricing model just makes more sense for our auto-scaling environment where we could have hundreds more VMs [virtual machines] than usual on any given day, for example, to handle high load events such as 11/11 sales campaigns, said Shaun Chong, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ninja Van, a regional logistics startup. .....

July 30, 2018

Paul-Henri Ferrand

Google moving to optimize cloud service platforms for Asia Pacific users

Enterprises in the Asia Pacific region now rely more on cloud architectures and services to create consumer experiences, boost cloud storage and enforce smart algorithms than to support collaborative manufacturing and upgrade operating efficiency, prompting Google to further optimize the efficiency, security and convenience of its cloud platforms, applications and services to better meet user requirements, according to Paul-Henri Ferrand, president of Global Customer Operations at the Google Cloud division. Speaking at the just concluded Google Cloud Next 2018, Ferrand said that integrating the functions of AI, machining learning, IoT and cloud will help enterprises create new added values for their business operations, and this is what Google highlighted at the event in promoting its Cloud Composer, Cloud IoT edge, and edge TPU services. .....