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Miles Ward, Director, Solutions

October 23, 2018

Miles Ward

Wells Fargo: Banks entering a legal quagmire in the name of technology

..... " More from Sibos 2018: Australia's Fintel Alliance combining data to thwart criminal activity | If you can track a pizza, why can't you track a payment? | ANZ banks on its agility to stay relevant in the financial services industry of the future | Securities market participants face greatest financial cyber threat: BAE Systems Pointing her remarks towards Miles Ward, a director of Solutions at Google Cloud, who used his time on the panel to discuss what his company has developed for the banking sector, Neufeld highlight that hesitation to implement machine learning, for example, isn't because financial institutions don't want to. "While I love the technology and I love the idea -- and I think that's where we need to go --the risk person in me says I'm being forced to choose which law I'm violating," she continued. .....

June 29, 2018

Melody Meckfessel
Miles Ward

Cloud East Meets Cloud West: Google and Tencent Go for Linux Foundation Platinum

..... Both also have many fingers in the cloud pie, which very well might be central to both organizations' new Linux Foundation membership statuses. It's probably no coincidence that on the day Google's platinum membership was announced a blog post appeared, authored by Google Cloud Platform VPs Melody Meckfessel and Eric Brewer, and GCP's director of solution architecture, Miles Ward, spelling out the company's commitment to and definition of an "open cloud." Among other things, the blog's authors called for the ability to easily move applications across clouds and for open APIs to "preserve everyone’s ability to build on each other’s work......