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Lukas Bergstrom, Product Manager

November 06, 2017

Lukas Bergstrom

Announcing Architecture Components 1.0 Stable

Posted by Lukas Bergstrom, Product Manager, Android Developer Frameworks Team Android runs on billions of devices, from high-end phones to airplane seatbacks. The Android OS manages resources aggressively to perform well on this huge range of devices, and sometimes that can make building robust apps complicated. .....

May 11, 2015

Lukas Bergstrom

The Most Important PR Measurement Tool You’re Not Using

..... We want to know really detailed stuff about user behavior and all of that requires little bits of javascript that ping servers with data.” – Lukas Bergstrom, Product Manager, Google Tag Manager If you’re serious about capturing the digital data that ties your PR activity to your business objectives, at some point you will probably need more than Google Analytics. This may seem like a heretical statement, but it’s not meant to be. .....