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Stephan Somogyi, Product Manager, Security & Privacy

May 08, 2018

Adam Greenberg
Emily Schechter
Stephan Somogyi

Google I/O 2018 - What sessions should SEOs and Webmasters watch live ?

..... We might add other sessions to this list. Tuesday, May 8th 3pm - Web Security post Spectre/Meltdown, with Emily Schechter and Chris Palmer - more info. 5pm - Dru Knox and Stephan Somogyi talk about building a seamless web with Chrome - more info. Wednesday, May 9th 9.30am - Ewa Gasperowicz and Addy Osmani talk about Web Performance and increasing control over the loading experience - more info. 10.30am - Alberto Medina and Thierry Muller will explain how to make a WordPress site progressive - more info. 11.30am - Rob Dodson and Dominic Mazzoni will cover "What's new in web accessibility" - more info. 3.30pm - Michael Bleigh will introduce how to leverage AMP in Firebase for a blazing fast website - more info. 4.30pm - Rick Viscomi and Vinamrata Singal will introduce the latest with Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report for Web Performance - more info. .....

September 12, 2017

Stephan Somogyi

Google Protects 3 Billion Devices With Safe Browser Service

..... Google just activated Safe Browsing as a default feature for the Google Chrome browser for Android in 2015, so that definitely played a role in the surge in numbers. “Over the last few years, we’ve rethought how Safe Browsing delivers data,” Google’s Stephan Somogyi and Allison Miller wrote in a blog post . “We built new technologies to make its data as compact as possible: We only send the information that’s most protective to a given device, and we make sure this data is compressed as tightly as possible......