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Jonathan Bellack, Director, Product Management & Publisher, Advertising Platforms

July 20, 2018

Jonathan Bellack

Google is Making Changes to Ad Offerings

..... Google Ad Manager for Large Publishers: Another combination of products, Google looks to connect the ad server and the ad exchange. This is motivated according to Jonathan Bellack, Director Product Management for Google as “Publishers are bringing programmatic sales teams and programmatic yield teams together. We are bringing the technologies together, so one unified sales team can work with one unified ad manager tool......

July 03, 2018

Jonathan Bellack

Google is Sunsetting its ‘AdWords’ and ‘DoubleClick’ Brand Names

..... Google is positioning the Ad Manager as not just an “ad server” or “supply-side platform” but a unified solution that allows web publishers access to the features they are familiar with along with access to programmatic deals, private marketplaces, and open auction, all in one place. “Ad Manager gives you a single platform for delivering, measuring and optimizing ads wherever your audience is engaging—including connected TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), mobile games and other apps, and platforms like YouTube and Apple News,” says Jonathan Bellack, director of product management at Google Ad Manager. In order to convey that this all is more than just a branding exercise, Google has doubled down on its promise of providing a brand safe environment by emphasising that in 2017, their spam detection and policy enforcement tools stopped 3.2 billion ads from reaching the users, and that publishers and brands have access to over 30 different controls to fine-tune the type of ads that are allowed in their campaigns. .....