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Katelin Jabbari, Mgr-Corp Dev Integration

April 11, 2018

Katelin Jabbari

Stanford #Students program autonomous robots that mimic self-driving cars

..... Engine on, eyes open, foot on the gas and you’re all set. So why is it taking autonomous ... program a car to drive simply by putting in the rules straight from a DMV handbook,” suggests Katelin Jabbari from Google’s self ... read more (Tech Xplore)—Google has revealed in its latest monthly report on how things are going with its autonomous car testing program ... field striving to mimic the neural networks ... It's small enough to fit inside a shoebox, yet this robot on four wheels ... read more Chris Gerdes, a respected Stanford engineering professor ... in his 7-bay garage filled with robot cars with the chief executive officers of General Motors and Ford and that was on top of hosting workshops on self-driving ethics for engineers and ... read more Since its founding in 1962, Stanford's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has been facilitating robotics education for 52 years. .....

December 08, 2015

Katelin Jabbari

Are Public Officials Ready to Accept Self-Driving Cars?

Since then, Google has been busy testing its self-driving car program in and around the former Air Force base. Google spokeswoman Katelin Jabbari told the Merced Sun-Star in 2014 that the innovation-leading company has already taken its cars around Lake Tahoe and through the Santa Cruz Mountains. “We’re continuing to develop and refine the technology in a variety of environments, including closed tracks where we can set up challenging courses and obstacles—and the space available to us at Castle is very helpful for that......