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Aparna Chennapragada, Vice President

February 10, 2019

Aparna Chennapragada

Google Maps AR Is Being Tested by Some Users—But the Rest of Us Will Have to Wait

..... ’” I am, however, very sad to report that there was no adorable fox guide in footage of the Journal taking the app for a spin. When the tech giant teased the feature during I/O, Google’s Aparna Chennapragada noted that the project’s team was “playing with the idea” of adding digital guides. According to the Journal, one version of the app had “an adorable animated guide named Pizza Man, but he made users look at their phone too long......

December 28, 2018

Aparna Chennapragada

“5 influencers predict AI’s impact on business in 2019” [Crandell ] + 4 other AI-related items

..... That’s four times the number of objects Lens covered in October 2017, when it made its debut. Aparna Chennapragada, vice president of Google Lens and augmented reality at Google, revealed the tidbit in a retrospective blog post about Google Lens’ milestones. Amazon Customer Receives 1,700 Audio Files Of A Stranger Who Used Alexa — from by Sasha Ingber When an Amazon customer in Germany contacted the company to review his archived data, he wasn’t expecting to receive recordings of a stranger speaking in the privacy of a home. .....