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Paul Bankhead, Director, Product Management

February 18, 2019

Paul Bankhead

Google’s new permissions policy could cripple popular sex workers’ safety app

..... ” When contacted for comment, a Google representative directed us to a January blog post that reminded developers about the upcoming changes to the calls and SMS log policy. According to the post, penned by Google Play director Paul Bankhead, Google employs “global teams [to] carefully review each submission.” The teams decide which apps get to keep their access to the calls and SMS log based on factors including “user benefit of the feature,” “likelihood that an average user would understand why this type of app needs full access,” and “importance of the permission relative to the core functionality of the app......

January 24, 2019

Paul Bankhead

Google to Remove Unvetted Apps that Access Call & Text Data

..... As a result, developers must now fill out a new permissions declaration and go through a review process by Google in order to continue requesting permission for user’s calling and text data. Google’s director of product management for Google Play, Paul Bankhead writes, “Our new policy is designed to ensure that apps asking for these permissions need full and ongoing access to the sensitive data in order to accomplish the app’s primary use case, and that users will understand why this data would be required for the app to function.” In response to this change, thousands of developers have already sent in new versions of their apps where they either submitted a new permissions declaration or removed the need to access call and texting permissions altogether. .....