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Rick Gomez, CMO & Chief Digital Officer

February 27, 2019

Rick Gomez

Target website inviting third-party sellers

..... Taking a page from Walmart and Amazon, Target will welcome third-party sellers to its website, offering shoppers a wider array of toys, sneakers and electronics.Through the launch of the Target+ marketplace, shoppers can purchase a gaming table from Serenity Health & Home Decor, running shoes from Mizuno USA, or equipment from SVSports, among other items.But the merchandise offered on will be a more winnowed, selective assortment than the third-party products sold online by Amazon and Walmart, Target says.Unlike Amazon, where sellers simply register to gain a spot on the site, the ability to sell items on is by invite only.That requirement may lend itself to more quality control, helping Target avoid the type of embarrassing episode that has occasionally plagued players like Walmart, which in November 2017 had to pull a T-shirt sold by a third party that suggested lynching journalists."Target+ provides guests with a curated selection of product choices that enhance our existing assortment," Rick Gomez, Target's chief marketing officer and digital officer, said in a statement. Previously, some merchandise sold on was shipped by outside companies to customers, but the purchase was made with Target. .....

February 26, 2019

Rick Gomez

Target takes exclusive approach for new online marketplace - CNET

..... Sellers can only join Target+ by invitation, according to CNBC , and the company is being picky about who it brings in. It's been testing the waters with brands like sporting goods retailer Mizuno, educational toy maker Kaplan and keyboard company Casio -- which were selected based on "what people are searching for" on Target's site, Rick Gomez, the company's marketing and digital boss, told CNBC. Those retailers items are listed among Target's main inventory, so you can take advantage of its discounts and free shipping offers. .....