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Matt Frost, Dir-Product Mgmt-Chrome Media

April 23, 2018

Matt Frost

Can AV1 and HEVC just get along?

..... But because AV1's performance increased as video resolution increased, we conclude the new compression codec will likely deliver even higher efficiency gains with UHD/4K and 8K content,” Facebook Software Engineer Yu Liu wrote in a blog post. During the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Matt Frost, head of strategy and partnerships for Google Chrome Media and founding board member of AOMedia, it’s too early to predict what the average stream size will be for AV1 videos, but he revealed that during the AV1 launch party, AOMedia members were able to show a 720p video on a Samsung mobile device and have it only use 207 kilobits. AV1 vs. .....

April 16, 2018

Matt Frost

Now the Hard Part for AV1: Hardware Support

Chip development the first of several goals aheadLAS VEGAS - AV1, the royalty-free, next-generation video codec from the heavily backed Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), is targeting web browsers, including Mozilla's Firefox and Google Chrome, and a small but growing amount of content.But a major move that will deliver widescale adoption - namely, support in hardware and chipsets - is about two years out.That support will likely have to wait until 2020 since chip development typically takes two to three years, Matt Frost, head of strategy and partnerships for Chrome Media at Google, one of AOMedia's members, said here Wednesday (April 11) during an opening keynote at the NAB Show's first Streaming Summit.AOMedia, which issued the 1.0 release of VP1 earlier this month, has strived to optimize the new codec to make hardware adoption easier, even if seeing it appear in chips won't happen overnight, he explained.He expects AVI's path to be similar to the one taken by VP9, another royalty-free coded originated by Google that was released in 2013 and initially added to popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, followed by adoption by Google's corporate cousin, YouTube, and Netflix.Frost said small volumes of video in the AV1 format, largely for testing purposes, are already available via YouTube.The 1.0 release is the first stage in this important process. "We have the code; it's frozen," Frost said.AV1 is being billed as a next-gen codec that is 30% more efficient than current-gen codecs such as HEVC and VP9. .....