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Rudy Galfi, Product Manager, AMP

December 03, 2018

Rudy Galfi

Google-led AMP project unveils open governance committees consisting of Microsoft, Twitter, others

..... Microsoft has gradually been expanding support for AMP pages within its own Bing search engine, while Twitter has embraced AMP from the start so it perhaps comes as little surprise that both Microsoft and Twitter have won two coveted places on the TCS, alongside Pinterest, Pantheon, and drum roll Google. The full technical steering committee consists of: Dima Voytenko: Google Malte Ubl: Google Rudy Galfi: Google Paul Armstrong: Twitter Saulo Santos: Microsoft Chris Papazian: Pinterest David Strauss: Pantheon In terms of the advisory committee, 16 different organizations are represented (including Google): Nicole Sullivan: Google Charles Vazac: Akamai Dane Knecht: Cloudflare Dave Merrell: The Washington Post Elisa Budelli: Automattic Guilherme Souza: Terra Joe Alicata: Vox Media Lonie Watson: The Paciello Group Levi Durfee: Bulldog Creative Services Pablo Delgado: El Pas Senthil Padmanabhan: eBay Sumantro Das: Terence Eden: U.K. Government Digital Service Tim Jones: The New York Times Tobie Langel: CodeSpeaks Yinhuang Lu: AliExpress Additionally, Ubl noted that the TSC will be choosing separate working groups in the coming weeks, which will be more involved in the day-to-day activities around AMP. .....

August 23, 2018

Rudy Galfi

Google AMP beat Facebook Instant Articles, but publishers start to question AMP's benefits

..... "There are also challenges on the ad side." Rudy Galfi, an AMP project manager at Google, said the project has led to big improvements in page speed but that when it comes to traffic and revenue, there's a lot of variation by publisher. The Chartbeat study points to the need for publishers to maximize the way they implement AMP to take advantage of all the improvements in monetization that have been added over the past three years. .....