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Brian Jankovsky, Director, Entertainment & Sports Partnerships

April 18, 2018

Brian Jankovsky

Professional Arenas

..... "I credit my time at Dickinson in large part to who I am today.” And so does Brian Jankovsky ’99, director of entertainment & sports partnerships at Google. “What’s always jumped out to me about a liberal-arts education is that it offers a flexible and creative learning environment that gives students the opportunity to pursue their passions,” says the former American studies major, who notes that flexibility comes in pretty handy in a burgeoning realm that he says has “no playbook. .....

December 07, 2016

Brian Jankovsky

(VIDEO) Google's TV Mantra: Connect, Distribute And Monetize For Programmers

The digital giant is busily helping broadcasters and cable networks connect with viewers while distributing and monetizing their content. "We definitely have a perspective that eventually everything is going to go IP," says Brian Jankovsky, Director of Entertainment & Sports Partnerships at Google, during a panel discussion at the recent Retreat 2016. "It's going to take some time......