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Jonathan Krafcik, Grp Product Mgr-Display & Video Ads

January 15, 2019

Jonathan Krafcik

A Sleepy Year For CES As Companies Try To Fulfill Lofty Promises

..... And as anyone who has been following along knows, autonomous cars are proving to be more difficult to perfect than experts had initially thought. But don’t take it from us, take it from John Krafcik, the man in charge of Google’s self-driving car project Waymo. Krafcik was honest enough to come clean about the realities of self-driving tech at a recent conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal. .....

January 13, 2019

Jonathan Krafcik

FUTURE SHOCK: Drive to ban revolutionary new sex toy shows pathetic hypocracy of futurists

..... Presumably one who likes a wee drink and doesn't fancy paying over the odds for a taxi home from the boozer. Ultimately, it’s the CEOs of major car firms to blame for this fully-automated dystopian vision, and there are two main villains – professional venture capital whisperer and amateur paedophile hunter Elon Musk and Google’s John Krafcik. This week, the latter admitted that the grand futurist dream of a 40mph limit road network filled with depressed conga lines of silently assimilating pods will never happen. .....