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Jonathan Krafcik, Group Product Manager, Data Privacy & Transparency

August 10, 2018

Jonathan Krafcik

Waymo could be worth $175 billion — here's the history of the Google Car project (GOOGL)

..... Along the way, a who's who of autonomous pioneers has worked on the project: Sebastian Thrun, Chris Umson, Anthony Levandowski. Spunoff from Alphabet, Google's parent company, in 2016, Waymo is now run by John Krafcik, a seasoned auto-industry executive. Morgan Stanley recently pegged Waymo's potential value at a stunning $175 billion (the $50 billion-$75 billion range was what many analysts had previously suggested). .....

July 25, 2018

Jonathan Krafcik

Google-owned Waymo’s self-driving cars go 25,000 miles a day

The Google-owned autonomous vehicle development company announced that its vehicles have reached 8 million miles on public roads, an average of 25,000 combined miles daily. CEO John Krafcik boasted about the numbers at the National Governors Association in Santa Fe, New Mexico, last week, going on to remind attendees that those figures don’t include simulated miles, which brings the total up much higher to 13 million miles. Further, Waymo’s vehicles have been involved in no major crashes or wrecks over that distance, something Uber is not fortunate enough to claim, and has caused the embattled ride-sharing company to roll back autonomous testing programs recently. .....