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LEARN MORE ABOUT Olivier Rabenschlag

Olivier Rabenschlag, Chief Creative Officer & Head, The Exploratory

April 13, 2017

Olivier Rabenschlag

Google, virtual reality, AI and healthcare: A perfect equation

“I’m personally excited about healthcare because I’m obsessed with trying to do something for the greater good in this world, and it starts with the human species.” With these words, Olivier Rabenschlag, head of creative at Google, discussed why healthcare is different from the other industries he’s worked in throughout his career. Although he’s spent time in the world of advertising, he explained why he’s more passionate about healthcare. .....

April 09, 2017

Olivier Rabenschlag

Bwoglines: Hammered Edition

..... An argument sparked by a subway rider man-spreading resulted in a brawl with hammer and a hammer-beaten victim. (NY daily news) Happening on Campus: On Thursday from 12:00 pm to 1: 00 pm, Olivier Rabenschlag, the Head of Creative at Google, will come to the Medical Center to talk about using technology to tackle global health challenges. Congrats, you have survived Bacchanal, here is Mariah Carey sprinkling 24-karat gold glitter: Tags: bacchanal, bwoglines, hammered, not that kind of hammer, So hungover but still got work, strike, wrecking ball.....