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Lisa Cohen Gevelber, VP, Global Marketing

August 02, 2018

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

Reasons Hyper-Localized Marketing Works for SMBs

..... In other words, even though local relevance is not overtly requested, it’s still expected. According to Lisa Gevelber, Global VP of marketing at Google, “People increasingly assume they’ll receive relevant information with fewer explicit inputs. In essence, people are saying ‘don’t make me exert extra effort when you should already know exactly what I want......

May 02, 2018

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

Building Main Street, Not Wall Street: The Two S’s of Business Success

..... Simply translated, consumers are making more spur of the moment searches and decisions than ever before. Google Vice President of Marketing Lisa Gevelber said “consumers are more loyal to their current need than any particular place of brand.” According to Google, mobile searches related to the term “same-day delivery” have grown over 120 percent in three years. .....