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Lisa Cohen Gevelber, VP, Marketing

February 28, 2019

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

Hogan Participates In National Governors Association Winter Meeting

..... "As vice chair of the NGA, I am grateful to have the opportunity to discuss best practices with my fellow state leaders so that we can all govern effectively and deliver real results for our citizens." The governor introduced a number of speakers, including Lisa Gevelber, vice president of Grow with Google, who delivered a TED Talk about Google's global economic opportunity program focused on workforce training, small business growth, and entrepreneurship. He also moderated a panel with Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who spoke about the future of the global economy and how states can continue to lead the way on growing jobs and preparing our workforce for a 21st century economy. .....

February 25, 2019

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

Leon Guerrero in nation's capital at governor's meeting

Lou Leon Guerrero is attending the National Governor's Association Winter meeting in the nation's capital, where she's brewing up ideas and discussing federal challenges that face Guam's economy. On Day 2 of the National Governor's Association Winter Meeting, you can spot Lou Leon Guerrero inviting Lisa Gevelber, Google global marketing vice president, to visit Guam. "I haven't been asked that before," Gevelber said when Leon Guerrero extended some signature island hospitality, offering her to come out. .....