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Lisa Cohen Gevelber, VP, Global Marketing

September 12, 2018

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

Google tried to elect Hillary Clinton via Hispanic voter turnout, emails reveal

..... ” “I’m not sharing my personal opinions very broadly, but wanted to share openly here in the circle of trust,” Murillo added. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s vice president of global marketing, also forwarded the email to other company executives, crediting those who “worked so hard to ensure all the Get out the Vote were done in Spanish” and whose efforts “made a giant difference.” At least one Google insider disagreed, however. .....

September 11, 2018

Lisa Cohen Gevelber

‘Silent Donation’: Corporate Emails Reveal Google Executives’ Efforts to Turn Out Latino Voters Who They...

..... “Sundar” presumably refers to Google’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai, who took the reins of the massive search giant in October 2015. “Lisa” presumably refers to Lisa Gevelber, the vice president of Global Marketing for Google{snip}, “Philipp” presumably refers to Philipp Schindler, a senior vice president and Google’s chief business officer per his LinkedIn page. [Tucker] Carlson, in his exclusive report on Fox News Monday night, compared the revelations in the Google emails to the probe of Russian interference in the U.S. election to Special Counsel Robert Mueller — raising the question about how much influence tech giants like Google and Facebook have on election outcomes in the United States. .....