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Christina Chang, Account Executive

May 16, 2016

Christina Chang

It's Time To Restore Keyword Bidding By Platform

by Chris Chang , , Op-Ed Contributor, 91 minutes ago Enhanced campaigns and universal campaigns give Google control of where ads go, with one notable exception. Last year, the importance of apps prompted Google to make an exception and allow advertisers to create separate mobile campaigns to encourage downloads and use. .....

December 29, 2015

Christina Chang

11 Key Trends to Impact Storage in the Near Future

Talking about the cloud, Mr. Chris Chang, MD at ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd says - there are two kinds of technologies available- one that is generally available for masses like Amazon Web services or Google Compute Engine that are very easy and simple to use even for novice. These have their inherent limitations like security of data, limitation of space, speed etc. .....