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Eric Sachs, Director, Product Management, Fulfilment

July 05, 2018

Eric Sachs

Google Sandbox: Does Google Really Hate New Websites?

..... Suspicious rapidly grown backlink profiles and anchor text over-optimization may get you a penalty. This was another question to the SEO experts: This was the only question where Eric Sachs had an opposite opinion to those of his colleagues. Eric did not observe any significant difference across various niches and competition levels. .....

May 27, 2017

Eric Sachs

The Cloud Identity Summit Previews Keynote Presenters and Sponsors.

..... According to a media release, CIS will feature more than 150 sessions and masterclasses, with keynote presentations from some of the world's most influential software and cloud companies and other thought leaders from companies such as Aetna, Capital One, Comcast, GE and TIAA, including: -Valerie Plame, author and former CIA Operations Officer: "In Intelligence We Trust?" -Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity: "Thinking Big: Smarter Identity for a Smarter World" -Irving Wladasky-Berger, digital strategy expert, and cybersecurity professor Steven Weber: "On Matters of Identity and Security" -Eric Sachs, product management director, identity, Google: "Why increasing signups for Google was a VERY bad thing!" -Eric Maass, director, Cloud IAM Strategy, IBM: "A Futurist's View of the Cognitive Enterprise" -Patrick Harding, CTO, Ping Identity: "Evolving the Identity Stack" -Richard Bird, executive director, office of the CISO, Optiv Security: "Security in a Volatile Landscape" -Ian Glazer, senior director for identity, Salesforce: "The Next Step for Identity Professionals: De-weaponizing Identity Systems" -Alex Simons, partner director of program management, identity division, Microsoft: "Open Standards: The key to a world of secure clouds & secure devices!.....