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Aaron Brown, Director, Product Management

September 27, 2018

Aaron Brown

Google’s success story has a few forgettable chapters

..... In 2010 the platform started to collect data from smart devices, including internet-connected weighing scales. Just a year later, Google's Aaron Brown conceded that Health wasn't "having the broad impact that we hoped it would." It would be churlish to point out that Google turned up to the health-tracking party too early and left before the fun really began. .....

August 17, 2017

Aaron Brown

Ghost of tech's past: Discontinued apps, products and services

..... Orkut clearly emerged the more popular of the two and allowed its users to post 'scraps' and pictures on other's 'walls' - a concept that Facebook definitely incorporated in its 'wall' feature.With Facebook's noticeable assent into the world of social networking during the 2006 to 2008 phase, Orkut fast started losing ground and after a few years of lying about being idle, was finally shut down by Google in September, 2014.Google HealthGoogle Health, introduced in 2008, allowed users to share, maintain and manage all their health and wellness-related information in one hub. While the app was enthusiastically used by a certain age-group since its implementation, it failed to procure the kind of results that the company was hoping for.Aaron Brown, senior product manager, Google Health had then said: "In the end, while we weren't able to create the impact we wanted with Google Health, we hope it has raised the visibility of the role of the empowered consumer in their own care we're always working to improve our search quality for the millions of users who come to Google every day to get answers regarding their health and wellness queries." Google Health services was discontinued on January, 2012. .....