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Peter Scocimara, Sr Dir-Support-Google Cloud

January 26, 2017

Peter Scocimara

Desi techies who made millions selling their cos

..... Google did not disclose the financial details of the deal. Google Apps Operations Senior Director Peter Scocimara said in a blog post on Monday that Google and its thousands of Google Apps customers have been “excited” about Synergyse. The Google Apps product suite, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, was built to provide cloud-based productivity and communications and is now used by more than two million paying businesses around the world, Scocimara said. .....

May 27, 2016

Peter Scocimara

Google Apps to soon train users through Synergyse

..... These figures would get bigger with the new move."By providing the right help at the right time," says Peter Scocimara, senior director, Google Apps Operations, "Synergyse will help our customers with the critical task of change management in the enterprise, and bolster the training and support programs we already offer today."New integration to surface later this yearThe original Synergyse Training will remain be available to existing users, and new customers can experience the support by downloading its Chrome extension. .....