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Richard Gingras, VP, News

February 21, 2018

Richard Gingras

The war on fake news: can it be stopped?

..... Tech executives admit that fake news endangers their brands’ credibility and thus bottom lines (earlier this month, the consumer goods giant Unilever threatened to pull investment from sites that failed to address the problem), so their efforts to combat fake news are rooted in self-interest. ‘We’re in the trust business,’ says Richard Gingras, Google’s vice-president of news. ‘If people lose trust, they’ll stop using our services......

February 12, 2018

Richard Gingras

Why aren’t you being arbiters of truth? MPs scream at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

..... YouTube’s global public policy director, Juniper Downs, said there was no evidence of Russian influence in ads placed during the Brexit campaign, but admitted it hadn’t looked at account activity, and promised to cooperate with the committee on that. In discussions on fake news, Downs and Google’s vice-president of News, Richard Gingras, emphasised the importance of users’ trust in their platforms and efforts to “surface” trusted accounts and demote sensationalist or fake content. However, the committee was sceptical of Downs’ assertions that she didn’t know what YouTube’s annual advertising revenue was, when she was asked to put the company’s “tens of millions of dollars” spend on tackling fake news into context. .....