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Richard Gingras, VP, News

October 09, 2018

Richard Gingras

Major Effort to Increase Trust in News Achieves Widespread Adoption

..... Transparency is important to building trust and trust is important to building engagement. It is gratifying to see the research by Reach prove those points,” said Richard Gingras, vice president of News at Google. “The Trust Indicators are valuable to assess the relative authoritativeness of news organizations and authors. .....

September 28, 2018

Richard Gingras

Google’s new hands-off approach to AMP fails to satisfy its critics

..... It didn’t help when the company started to give AMP pages priority placement in the Google “carousel” of recommended search results in 2016. Google’s Vice President of News, Richard Gingras, made sure to note that Google was giving preference to faster-loading pages, and AMP pages just happened to be the fastest (not surprising, since in most cases they were hosted on Google’s servers). This reinforced the idea that AMP was something publishers had to do if they wanted to show up high in Google’s results, even if running AMP pages didn’t translate into higher revenues. .....