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Bradley Horowitz, VP, Product

October 20, 2018

Bradley Horowitz
Sundar Pichai

Goodbye, Google+: A eulogy for the last great social network

..... Together, Page and Gundotra essentially forced many other Google teams–and many Google users–kicking and screaming into Google+ integrations of every description. The centrality of Google+ was best expressed by senior VP Bradley Horowitz. In 2012 he told Wired’s Steven Levy that “Google+ is Google itself. .....

October 08, 2018

Bradley Horowitz
Luke Wroblewski

Looking back at Google+

..... ” The once top-secret project was the subject of several leaks ahead of its launch, allowing consumer interest in the project to build. Led by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz, Google’s big idea to fix social was to get users to create groups of contacts – called “Circles” – in order to have more control over social sharing. That is, there are things that are appropriate for sharing with family or close friends, and other things that make more sense to share with coworkers, classmates, or those who share a similar interest – like biking or cooking, for example. .....